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en thousand hectares cultivated as vineyard, seven thousand and nine hundred wine-producing entrepreneurs, one hundred bottlers companies for almost one million hectoliters of produced wine, three Controlled Designation of Origin and a Geographic Indication for more than sixty wines type: these are the salient elements of the SANNIO vineyard, which also assign the Samnium beneventano the leadership in the wine sector of the Campania.

Aglianico, Sommarello, Piedirosso, Sciascinoso, Agostinella, Falanghina, Cerreto, Coda di volpe, Greco, Malvasia, Fiano, but also other wines as the Passolara of San Bartolomeo, Olivella, Carminiello, Palombina, Moscato of Baselice and Barbera del Sannio are just some examples of the wine-producing samnitic heritage.
You can just travel on its hills to see how the viticulture is a characterizing element for the territory and to see how the environment is under conservation even because it is a source of economic livelihood for the locals. So there is no reason to be surprised if, in the most agricultural province of the Campania, the first place in the generation of agricultural income is due just to the wine-producing sector.

In some areas the vine and its period of growth beat the life-time of the locals, especially in the areas between the Matese and the Taburno and from the foot of Taburno to the river Calore.Nowadays the entire sector is in a renewed enthusiasm, starting by a transformation of an area which historically was wine-producing in a specifically wine area and there are many new entrepreneurs and new farming techniques in the sign of a renewed tradition. It is not a simple case that four associations operate in the province: three of them run under the form of wine growers’ cooperative and they get together almost two thousand and five hundred wine growers. They are almost the unique associations and production in the region and they have a big clout for all southern Italy.

Vine is, as a matter of fact, the unequivocal sign of the cultural and social identity of the Sannio community.

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